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2019 Journeys

Ceremonies with Condors, Caymans, and Q'ero

Wellspring Sacred Journeys, Inc.

Our journeys of self-discovery into the traditions and teachings of Andean Shamanism take you to Peru, the perfect setting to renew your life's purpose and reconnect to the Divine presence of Spirituality within you.. Throughout time, people have been drawn to the Andes in pursuit of awakening the soul by connecting to the sacredness of Andean geography and the wisdom teachings of an ancient culture. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes as well as the power and wisdom of the Andes are all here, available to those who travel with an open mind and heart. From the stillness of Kamaquen, our 'home away from home' in the beautiful Urubamba Valley, against the backdrop of the night sky, to the magnificence of the Andean Mountains, you will discover the source of your being...your authentic self. These are pilgrimages of the heart... life changing opportunities to travel the path of Andean wisdom. With great enthusiasm and anticipation, we personally invite you to join us for the journey of a lifetime!

Album: 2007 Sacred Valleys Journey

“I come from the East, most of you [here] are Westerners. If I look at you superficially, we are different, and if I put my emphasis on that level, we grow more distant. If I look on you as my own kind, as human beings like myself, with one nose, two eyes, and so forth, then automatically that distance is gone. We are the same human flesh. I want happiness; you also want happiness. From that mutual recognition, we can build respect and real trust of each other. From that can come cooperation and harmony.”
— His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama