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2019 Journeys

Ceremonies with Condors, Caymans, and Q'ero
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Ceremonies with Condors, Caymans, and Q'ero

Pre-departure preparation list

Dear Traveler,

Greetings! We are excited about our journey in Peru and the adventures we will experience with you. The following requirements and suggestions have been assembled to help you prepare for this exciting encounter with the people and sacred places of Peru.  It is important to us that you enjoy a comfortable, healthy and rewarding trip so please print these pages and read everything carefully. Contact us if you have any questions.  As we approach our departure date, we will email you with any updates or changes to this information.

Those of you traveling from Pennsylvania will be flying from Newark International Airport on United Airlines. Upon receiving your registration and forms, specific information will be emailed to you so you can individually book your flight. We will all travel together from Wellspring, with transportation provided by Corporate Limo LLC to and from the airport. Cost approximately $100.00 /person. 

Traveling together ensures your comfort and ease of travel. Those of you traveling from other states will book your flights on your own. Please contact Pam at 610-844-8875 for arrival/departure times to and from Peru.  

For questions related to the details of your registration, travel arrangements and accommodations, packing preparation, etc., please email or call at 610-285-6145.

A valid passport, with an expiration date 6 months or more after your date of departure from Peru, is required. A ninety-day visa is given to US citizens automatically upon arrival.  You should carry a second form of photo I.D., such as your driver’s license as well as a photocopy of the personal data page of your passport.  This is the only way to prove who you are if you lose your passport, so pack it in a separate location.  If you are traveling with a passport from a country other than the US, please call the Peruvian Consulate nearest to you and inquire about any visa requirements.

For your comfort, it is important to be prepared for unexpected heat spells, rain and cold nights.  Dress in layers, wear long sleeves and fleece in the mornings and evenings, you may want short sleeves mid-day.  It is best to have too many warm clothes rather than too few. 

The sun is very strong at high altitudes.  Use at least a 15 sunscreen everyday.  Above 10,000 ft., a total blocking agent is best.  Be sure to bring a hat and sunglasses.

The Peruvian Sol fluctuates in value and the best place to exchange money is in Peru.  We can exchange money at the airport in Lima or in Cusco.  We do not recommend using Traveler’s Checks.  While they are a safe way to carry money, they are often difficult to cash in Peru and can cost about 2% more than exchanging cash.  It is a good idea to have some money in small denominations for use in villages without banks.  Local storekeepers may not have enough cash to give you change for large bills and will not cash checks.  Not all shopkeepers or vendors will accept credit cards. Contact your credit card company or bank to let them know the dates you will be using your cards in Peru. 

Please note: Ripped, wrinkled, otherwise mangled bills nor bills with writing or ink marks are not accepted in Peru, so make sure your money is in good shape.

General Health:
Your condition in general will be an important factor in your enjoyment of the journey.  If you do not already have one, we suggest that you begin a physical activity regimen like hiking, bicycling, running or swimming that pushes you beyond your ordinary limits.

No immunizations are required for this trip.  If you take any prescription medicines, be sure to bring enough for your travel.  All medicines and/or supplements should be clearly labeled. Please refer to note about Diamox, below in altitude section.

Personal Health:
It is important that you let us know of any medical problems, allergies, etc. that you may have.  Please consult with us if you have any questions about potential effects of this trip on your health.  It is vital that persons with medical problems and/or those taking prescription medications, including psychiatric medications, make them known to Wellspring Sacred Journeys, Inc. upon registration.  Wellspring Sacred Journeys, Inc. has the right to disqualify anyone from registration or travel at any time, including during the trip, if it is determined by the trip leaders to be medically necessary.  Refunds are not normally given under such circumstances.  Wellspring Sacred Journeys, Inc. assumes no liability regarding provision of medical care.

Altitude Sickness:
The lowest altitude on this trip, excluding Lima, the Jungle and/or other areas at sea level, will be approximately 9,000 ft and the highest approximately 17,000 ft.  Good physical condition is no guarantee against altitude sickness, which can manifest at altitudes as low as 8,000 ft.  Symptoms vary from a sense of not feeling quite right, headaches, sleeplessness, inertia, and shortness of breath, to the more severe and dangerous symptoms of high altitude pulmonary or cerebral edema.  Needless to say, anyone with a history of lung or heart disease, other serious medical problems, or a history of severe reactions at high altitudes should not undertake such a journey.  

Please note: We highly suggest you see your physician to get a prescription for Diamox to take while on this journey because we will be experiencing so many changes in altitude.  Diamox prevents altitude sickness, which many people experience under these conditions.

Food and Water:
Most illness on a journey is caused by contamination of food or water.  The smallest amount of contaminated food or water can make you sick and some diseases can be severe enough to ruin your trip.  Please be careful!

•Drink only bottled water.  In hotels, use only bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth.

•Do not use ice cubes unless you know them to be safe; freezing does not kill bacteria.

•Do not drink from streams.

•Drink plenty of bottled water. Adequate fluid intake is important and easy to overlook, especially when hiking at high altitudes.

•If dining separately from the group, beware of uncooked food (including salads) and food from sidewalk vendors.

This leaves freshly cooked foods, preferably eaten while hot, and fresh fruit only if you peel it yourself.  DO NOT drink tap water or eat from street vendors, as our digestive systems are not used to the local flora and fauna.  However, it is fine to eat what you like at restaurants where we dine as a group and at the hotels where we stay; the hygiene and food preparation standards at these locations are very high. 

Keep your hands clean!  Use antibacterial wipes where soap and water is not available, especially before eating.

“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.”
— Chuang Tsu