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2019 Journeys

Ceremonies with Condors, Caymans, and Q'ero
Detailed itinerary
What is included in the cost & what is not
Pre-departure preparation list
Packing list

Ceremonies with Condors, Caymans, and Q'ero

Packing list

Please visit or call the airline for details about allowances for checked and carry-on baggage.

Bring a small collapsible bag in which to pack a few days’ clothes (and / or to bring souvenirs home).

Be mindful of what you bring.  Remember that we are in a time of heightened security: no knives, scissors, sharp objects, etc. are allowed in your carry-on.  All carry-ons are subject to hand search at security. 

Do Not overpack. We will be spending the majority of our time outside. Traveling from  high, chilly/cold altitudes to the heat of the Amazon Jungle at sea level.  Layering your clothes is the key to a comfortable trip! Do not bring jewelry that, if lost or stolen would cause an emotional trauma!

What to Bring:

•Hiking boots, sneakers, hiking shoes, water shoes, and sandals


•Thermal socks / lighter weight socks

•Thermal underwear if you tend to be cold


•Hat with brim


•T shirts

•Bathing suits (2)

•Jeans / Khakis / shorts

•Long sleeved light weight shirts

•Warm long sleeved shirt and/or sweater

•Fleece jacket or vest (wind proof is best)

•Waterproof jacket

•Knit hat or ear band


•Day pack for hiking (you will always carry your backpack with you)

•Water bottle

•Flashlight and batteries

•Journal, pens, pencils

•Passport and other picture ID AND photocopy of both

•Cash / credit card

•Prescription drugs/supplements

•Sun screen

•Insect Repellant

•Personal items, toiletries, first aid items, wet naps (bring extra – you’ll use a lot!)

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